Set onions, shallots, garlic and seed potatoes

This site is for people that are interested in organic plant material and machine’s. We can deliver organic plant material for potatoes, onions, shallots and garlic. We grow several varieties of plant potatoes by our self and most of the other material is coming from farmers in Flevoland (55 years ago reclaimed from the sea). All our products are controlled by SKAL (Dutch organic control company) and NAK (Dutch plant material control company).

  1. Organically grown onions

    1. Many varities available for spring planting:
      1. Troy F1, earliest set onion also suitable for autumn planting.
      2. Jetset F1, early, spring planting, early bulking for green top harvest, attrctive round shape with thin neckSturon Plantui Bouma Plantgoed
      3. Centurion F1, Hybrid with thin neck, leading to quicker drying. Prefers warm climate
      4. Sturon, well known variety
      5. Santero, heat treated, milduw resistant
      6. Red baron, heat treated, delivery after 1 March, spring planting, attractive red bulb, suitable for long storage
  2. For autumnplanting: Radar F1 delivery after 1 September
  3. For early maturing and long storage
  4. Several sizes 10/14, 14/22, 10/22 und 22/26
  5. packed in units of  0,5 kg – 1000 kg
  6. Certificated by Skal und NAK-T
  7. If necessary,heat treated to prevent bolting
  8. Hot water treatment possible


Organically grown shallot

  1. For spring planting: Red SunRed Sun Pootsjalot Bouma Plantgoed Suitable for most soil types (sand/light clay)
  2. Size: 30-50 mm
  3. Packed in units of  0,5 kg – 1250 kg
  4. Certificated by Skal and NAK-T
  5. Hot water treatment possible



Organically grown garlic sets

  1. Several varities
  2. For spring planting: Flavor, best for long storage.
  3. For autumn planting: Vallelado, good yields of large attractive bulbs
  4. Packed in units of 5 bulbs, up to 25 kg
  5. Certificated by Skal und NAK-T gepruft


Organically grown seed potatoes

Varieties Size (mm) Ripeness eating texture Blight Foliage Blight
Yield potential
Twister*    Bio  28/35    35/55  early fairly  waxy
Carolus*    Bio  28/35    35/55 middle early  fairly waxy
Levante*    Bio  28/35    35/55 middle early  waxy
Alouette*   Bio  28/40    35/55 middle late  waxy
Agria           Bio  28/35    35/50 middle late  fairly waxy c b b
  • *resistent against potato disease phythofthora

All thematerial is Nak-T and Skal certificated. Delivery in bags of 25 kg with a original NAK-T number and a organic label.






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  1. Ena Corry
    Ena Corry zegt:

    Hello, I am living in Ireland and would like to ask about your Strawberry Plants please. Everbearing Strawberries and Mara de Bois are the two that I would be interested in. Hoping you can help me please.


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